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What are the filing fees in Oregon State for a divorce, legal separation or annulment?

Oregon State filing fees: $273.00

What are the costs of parenting classes in Oregon State?
What is a divorce in Oregon State?
What is the difference between a divorce and legal separation in Oregon State?
May I get an annulment in Oregon State?
Are there any residency requirements for Oregon State?
What if I cannot find my spouse?
In which county should I file my divorce?
How long does an Oregon State divorce take?
Who decides who gets property and who pays debts?
How does the court decide what is a just and equitable division of property and debts?
I bought our car and most other property with my income, so shouldn't the court award the car and other property to me?
My spouse had an affair that caused our divorce.
Since I'm not working right now, will the court order my spouse to pay me spousal support?
Tax Information regarding child support, exemptions, spousal support and property transfers.
Changing Names
Do I need a legal reason to get a divorce?
Can my spouse keep me from getting a divorce?
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