Probate With (Testate) Or Without(Intestate) Last Will & Testament - Paralegal Service

Probate With (Testate) Or Without(Intestate) Last Will & Testament

Probate With (Testate) Or Without(Intestate) Last Will & Testament, Paralegal Service

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Description of our Paralegal Service

This Probate Service is intended for use when there is no known Last Will & Testament OR by the first named Personal Representative in decedent's Last Will & Testament, when the decedent's Last Will & Testament:

  • Authorizes Nonintervention Powers
  • Waive Bond, and when
    • all estate property will be transferred; AND
    • the will shall be filed at the same time as the Petition for Letters

This Probate Service includes all the basic forms for filing a simple probate.

  • Case Cover Sheet
  • Petition for Probate of Will, Letters Testamentary & Nonintervention Powers
  • Order Admitting Will to Probate & Granting Letters Testamentary and Nonintervention Powers
  • Oath of Personal Representative
  • Letters Testamentary
  • Notice of Appointment of Personal Representative & Pendency of Probate
  • Declaration of Mailing to Heirs and/or Beneficiaries
  • Notice to Creditors
  • Declaration of Mailing Notice to Creditors to DSHS
  • IRS SS4 Forms
  • Creditor's Claims
  • Inventory and Appraisement
  • Receipt of Heir or Beneficiary
  • Declaration of Completion of Probate
  • Sample Letter to Heirs and Beneficiaries

Names of forms may differ for each state

Probate With (Testate) Or Without(Intestate) Last Will & Testament
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