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Minor Guardianship Petition

Minor Guardianship Petition, Paralegal Service

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Description of our Paralegal Service

This service is used by a person who's not the parent (non-parent) to request legal custody of a child (or children). The case will need to be filed in the county where the child lives or can be found.

This complete online service provides all of the papers required to petition the Court for a Guardianship of a Minor.

How Initiated. An action for Guardianship of a minor brought by a non-parent must be filed under a new cause number and cannot be commenced under an existing case. The case is commenced by the filing of a Summons, Petition, Declaration Explaining the Reasons for Minor Guardianship, and Motion to Withhold Certain Documents from the Minor. (Optional: Although optional, it is highly recommended that the issue of whether minors receive the documents be considered and resolved at the initial stage of the proceedings.) At the time of filing, the petitioner shall also submit the Order Directing DCFS/CPS to Release Information and the Order to Withhold Certain Documents from the Minor (optional) to Ex Parte via the Clerk.

Note: If the children subject to the guardianship do not have the same parents, separate cases must be filed for each child or group of children who have the same parents.

Immediately after filing the case and receiving the Case Schedule, the petitioner must complete Notice of Hearing (GDN M 101) with the date and time that the court has set and the list of people entitled to notice. The Notice of Hearing should be served along with the Summons, Petition, and Case Schedule.

Requirements. The petitioner(s) shall obtain a Washington State Patrol and Child Protective Services (CPS) background checks on the proposed guardian and all adult household members of the guardian. The proposed Guardian shall attend the mandatory lay guardian training within 60 days of filing or, if the training is not yet available, within 60 days of the training being available.


  • Cover Sheet - Guardianship and/or Conservatorship Document
  • Disclosure of Bankruptcy or Criminal History
  • Acceptance of Appointment of Guardian / Conservator
  • Letters of Guardianship / Conservatorship
  • Motion to Appoint Lawyer
  • Order Appointing Lawyer
  • Summons
  • Notice of Hearing about Minor Guardianship Petition
  • Minor Guardianship Petition
  • Declaration Explaining the Reasons for Minor Guardianship Petition
  • Residential Schedule (Guardianship)
  • Minor Guardianship Findings and Order
  • Motion to Withhold Certain Documents from the Minor
  • Order on Motion to Withhold Certain Documents from the Minor
  • Notice of Hearing about Emergency Minor Guardianship Petition
  • Emergency Minor Guardianship Petition
  • Order on Emergency Minor Guardianship Petition
  • Motion for Immediate Order (Ex Parte) - Emergency Minor Guardianship and Restraining Order
  • Parent’s Consent to Minor Guardianship
  • Indian Child Welfare Act Notice (Guardianship)
  • ICWA Notice – Attachment for Additional Child
  • Proof of Mailing (Indian Child Welfare Act Notice)
  • Motion for Order Directing DCYF to Release CPS Information
  • Sealed CPS Information (Cover Sheet)
  • Cover Sheet for Criminal History (Guardianship)
  • Order Appointing Guardian ad Litem or Court Visitor
  • and much more...

Additional Charges

Additional charges if Respondent will not sign:

  • The Respondent must be notified by one of the following:
    1. Service Fee - Best Option, you may have anyone over the age of 18 serve the respondent at no additional cost; or
    2. Service Fee - we can have them served anywhere in the United States, $120.00- $150.00. The process server will make 3 attempts to serve and if service cannot be completed we will ask the court to serve by certified mail.
    3. Service by certified/registered mail, $10.00 - $20.00 (Respondent will have to sign for the mail, if they choose not to then you will have to serve publication. NOTE: You must have an Order from the Court allowing service by mail in order to proceed in this manner.
    4. Service by publication - means that you publish the Summons or other document in a newspaper of general circulation in the area where your spouse or partner is likely to be. For service by publication, you will have to pay the newspaper a fee to publish the document. NOTE: You must have an Order from the Court allowing service by publication in order to proceed in this manner.


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