Small Claims Court Kit

Small Claims Court Kit
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If you plan to enter small claims court, this kit will help you win your case! Whether you are suing or being sued, the information in this kit will help you represent yourself in the best way possible.


The average person will either sue or be sued at least once in their life. One of the most common ways of suing is in what is known as Small Claims Court.

The advantage with small claims court is that there are no legal fees involved (you do not hire an attorney) and the court fees are low.

The AVERAGE dollar amount you can sue for is about $2,000 (dollar amounts vary from state to state - some are as high as $10,000.) So if you want to sue someone for more than your state allows in small claims court, your case would have to go to another court, where you would probably need an attorney and incur higher court fees.

Most people have no idea how to go about suing someone in small claims court. With the help of this kit, you will be able to represent yourself in a confident manner, and receive what you have due you! If you are being sued, it will show you how to defend yourself in the best way possible.

"This kit includes the "inside knowledge" only an attorney can give you to win your case (at a much lower cost than a lawyer will charge you!) It also includes several sample forms you will need to initiate, litigate and defend yourself in almost any small claims court case. You CAN win in small claims court, and with the help of this kit, you WILL win your case!"


Small Claims Court Kit
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