Quitclaim Deed Kit - WA

Quitclaim Deed Kit - WA
  • Author: Amy Wishart, Paralegal
  • Publisher: Do It Yourself Documents, LLC
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Quitclaim Deeds are typically used to transfer property between family members (gifting) or in a divorce situation. If, for example, a mother is transferring to her child, her home, all 3 forms will be required. If the transfer is from spouse to spouse in a divorce situation, only the Quitclaim Deed and Real Estate Excise Tax Affidavit forms will be used.

Samples of the enclosed forms are provided. It is always a good idea to have on hand a copy of the Deed by which the Grantor / Seller / Transferor of the property obtained title. Your situation may require a different answer in some places, and enclosed is an Instruction Sheet for each of the Real Estate Excise forms as well as a list of WAC Exemption Code Sections.

After you have completed the forms, signed them, had them notarized, the documents must be taken/sent to the County Recorder/Assessor in which the property is located. At the time of writing of these instructions the fee to file a Quitclaim Deed in most counties is $72. An additional $10 is due to the recorder's office for the Excise Tax Affidavit and/or Supplemental Statement. These prices do generally increase on at least a yearly basis, so you should call for updated pricing.

  • Quitclaim Deed
  • Real Estate Excise Tax Affidavit
  • Real Estate Excise Tax Supplement Statement
  • Instructions

Quitclaim Deed Kit - WA
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Our Price: $11.95
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Our Price: $11.95
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