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Alpha Living Trust Kit

Alpha Living Trust Kit
  • Author: Kermit Burton
  • Publisher: Alpha Publications
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The complete do-it-yourself Living Trust Kit with an easily prepared Declaration Of Trust, plus all of the required property transfer deeds and assignments, pour-over- will and affidavits.

This Alpha Living Trust Kit provides the non lawyer with a low cost, simple and efficient way to protect the value of his or her estate from the high cost and potential abuses of the probate system.

The laws regarding Living Trusts are relatively few and simple. In fact, so simple that it causes most lawyers to disavow any knowledge of living trust when queried by their clients. This, of course, shows a lack of concern and caring for the needs of those in need.

This is not at all surprising since Living Trusts do not command the high legal fees as does the probate of a Last Will And Testament. Remember also that when a Last Will and Testament is prepared by a Lawyer, the cost of this preparation is not cheap. And when the person passes on, then there are a new set of legal fees for probating the Will, plus court cost, appraiser fees, etc., all of which must be paid out of the assets of the estate.

On the other hand, to establish a Revocable Living Trust, it is only required that a proper Declaration Of Trust be prepared which designates the trust maker as the Trustor; the trust manager (who is usually the Trustor) as the Trustee; the person or persons who will carry out the trust intents upon the death of the trustor(s) as the Successor Trustee; the person or persons who will receive the trust property upon the death of the trustor as beneficiary(ies); a listing of the property to be held IN TRUST; and the filing or recording of the property transfer instruments.

All of these requirements are easily accomplished with the forms provided in this Alpha Living Trust Kit, which are designed and presented in such a way that preparation is easy, uneventful and do not require the need for any legal advice.

The ease at which the trust can be established can be seen in the preparation of the Declaration of Trust which only requires the completion or partial completion of 5 pages, plus Page 6, the Notary Acknowledgment or (Witness Clause, which is required in the State of Florida, Form AT-106b).

For example, (1) the First page of the Declaration of Trust simply requires the names and addresses of the trustors, trustees, successor trustees and beneficiaries, (2) Page Two of the Declaration of Trust requires a listing of the property that will be initially transferred to establish the Trust, (3) Page Three requires a check mark in the appropriate box in Clause 7c that determines the order in which the Successor Trustee(s) shall act, (4) Page Five requires a check mark in the appropriate box in Trust Clause 16 that directs whether the Successor Trustee shall be required to post bond, (5) Trust Clause 17 requires the name of the state under whose laws the trust shall be construed, and (6) Trust Clause 19 requires the name of the trust.

After the trust is completed, all that is left is the preparation of the property transfer documents and, depending on the type of property being transferred into the trust, this will be one or more documents. For example, if transferring a home, then you would prepare the Deed Of Realty To Trust; if stocks or bonds, then you would prepare the "Securities Transfer To Trust," etc. In other words, there is a separate document for each of the different types of property. A total of ten separate property transfer forms.

After you record the property transfer document, if it is required, the trust is established and you have effectively, with very little time invested, saved your heirs hundreds or even thousands of dollars in unnecessary legal fees.

If the previous description of the establishment of a living trust seems quite simple, rest assured that while it may require additional steps if the property going into the trust is varied and not all locally situated, these additional steps are made simple in this text material, and not much more time consuming than simply thinking about it.

This Alpha Living Trust Kit has simplified the preparation requirements to such an extent that most people purchasing the kit are surprised and elated that they can easily do-it-themselves without incurring any lawyer fees.

The Declaration Of Trust requires a few considerations that the trust maker must make, namely, it must be decided how the property will be divided, either equally between the beneficiaries, a fixed percentage to each beneficiary, or specific property to certain of the beneficiaries.

This is all made simple by the plain language drafting of the Declaration of Trust, which provides a separate page for the division and distribution of the trust property to the beneficiaries.

All of the provisions necessary to effectively manage the trust are pre-drafted in the trust clauses. Each of the trust clauses provide the authority, privileges and rights enjoyed by each of

And since the Declaration Of Trust is a Revocable Living Trust, this means the trust makers are free to deal with their property any way they see fit without any restrictions. In other words, the trust makers can sell, trade, or borrow money against the property, the same as any personally held property, while at the same time, enjoy the peace of mind knowing that, upon passing, the value of their estate will not be depreciated by the probate system.

It is to your advantage to read all of the material included in this text as it is non legal, informative and may well answer a number of questions you have in regards to not only living trust but also a number of other estate planning objectives.

Keeping in mind that this text material was also written for the purpose of bringing to the attention of the non lawyer some of the estate factors and events that may significantly effect the peace of mind and security of our loved ones.

In the eight Chapters that follow, you will receive a considerable amount of knowledge that would otherwise cost thousands of dollars in legal fees or many hours of personal research, even assuming in that context that a lot of the material is the work product of the author and his staff, and therefore, not readily available to the general public except upon exhaustive inquiry.

To insure the correct preparation of each of the forms, there are fully illustrated specimen examples of each of the forms in the Appendix Section of this text (The Blue Pages) that provide the correct manner in which the forms, documents and instruments should be completed.


Alpha Living Trust Kit
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