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Codicil for Last Will & Testament

Codicil for Last Will & Testament
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A Codicil for a Last Will & Testament is a written supplement, which alters or modifies the Last Will & Testament and is typically used when the proposed modifications are deemed minor and not of enough importance to justify rewriting the entire Last Will & Testament, or when time constraints prohibit rewriting the entire Last Will & Testament. A Codicil does not supersede a Last Will & Testament but rather ratifies and republishes those parts in the Last Will & Testament that are not changed. The Codicil becomes part of the Last Will & Testament and the two are read as one document.

Codicil to a Last Will & Testament. A last will and testament prepared at a relatively young age will rarely meet your needs years later. Wills can be “updated” in one of two ways: (1) you can execute an amendment to your will, called a codicil, or (2) you can replace your will with a completely new will.

Change. The codicil will indicate which paragraph of the will is being changed, and set forth the revised paragraph. Example: Paragraph Three. I give, devise, and bequeath all my estate, real, personal, and mixed, of whatever kind, to Mary Greene.

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Codicil for Last Will & Testament
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