Your Limited Liability Company: An Operating Manual

Your Limited Liability Company: An Operating Manual
  • Author: Anthony Mancuso, Attorney
  • Publisher: Nolo
  • List Price: $49.95
  • Our Price: $34.95


Running your LLC, step by step

A limited liability company can give your small business both tax benefits and protection from personal liability for business debts. But without careful record keeping, regular meetings, and formal minutes, you could lose these advantages.

Your Limited Liability Company provides all the instructions and forms you need to maintain the legal validity of your LLC. Forms include:

  • Call of Meeting
  • Notice of Meeting
  • Certification of Mailing of Notice
  • Membership Voting Proxy
  • Minutes of LLC Meeting
  • Waiver of Notice of Meeting
  • Approval of LLC Minutes
  • Written Consents for Single-Member LLCs

You’ll also find more than 50 of the most commonly used legal resolutions to insert in your minutes or written consents. Use them to:

  • declare distributions of LLC profits to members
  • hire employees and contract with outside firms
  • approve LLC contracts
  • approve salary increases and bonuses
  • authorize bank loans
  • elect corporate tax treatment for your LLC, and
  • amend the articles and operating agreement.


Your Limited Liability Company: An Operating Manual
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Our Price: $34.95
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