Alpha Arizona Corporation Kit

Alpha Arizona Corporation Kit
  • Author: Kermit Burton
  • Publisher: Alpha Publications
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This Alpha Arizona Corporation Kit is the entrepreneur's low cost and manageable way to pursue business ventures as a corporation.

In the not too distant past, the initial cost of incorporating a business was prohibitive to many otherwise successful entrepreneurs and business organizations. Even today, some attorneys charge fees ranging up to thousands of dollars for a simple corporation.

This does not however mean that some corporations do not require meticulous and extensive attention, which may very well justify these extraordinary fees, but, in the vast majority of cases, a simple corporation does not justify a legal fee even in the hundreds of dollars.

This Alpha Arizona Corporation Kit is completely drafted for the non-lawyer. All of the forms are of the Easy Draft design, which means they are not only substantially predrafted; but also, designed to be either typed or handwritten.

This kit includes

  • (1) Articles of Incorporation for filing a regular Corporation ("C" Corporation) under Arizona laws,
  • (2) Articles of Incorporation for filing an Arizona Professional Corporation under Arizona laws, and
  • (3) a Certificate of Incorporation for filing as either a Delaware or Nevada Corporation under the laws of Delaware or Nevada respectively. Also included are two sets of Corporate Bylaws, one set for a regular corporation and the other for a Professional Corporation.


Alpha Arizona Corporation Kit
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