New Mexico divorce kit

The Alpha New Mexico Divorce Kit

By Kermit Burton,
Alpha Publications

  • Do It Yourself New Mexico Divorce Kit
  • New Mexico
  • By Kermit Burton
  • Alpha Publications
  • Our Price: $28.95
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This Alpha New Mexico Divorce Kit is the only complete Divorce Kit in the marketplace that is designed for the do-it-yourselfer to actually file and complete an uncontested divorce action under the Laws of New Mexico.

In other words, this divorce kit does not simply provide you with blank pages, but, in fact includes completely pre-drafted forms that comply with State Laws and Court Rules.

Also, of real importance, this divorce kit can be used when the marriage is either with or without minor children; there is community property and/or debts that must be divided; and even if the spouse is in military service.

  • Petition for Dissolution of Marriage (with or without children)
  • Child Support Worksheets (Joint Custody or One Parent Custody)
  • Decree of Dissolution of Marriage (with and without children)
  • Joint Custody Parenting Plan
  • Affidavit Concerning Child Custody
  • Respondent's Appearance, Waiver and Consent
  • Summons
  • Notice and Receipt of Summons
  • Return of Summons
  • Wife's Consent to Restore Former Name
  • Waiver of 30 Day Waiting Period
  • Affidavit for Entry of Default
  • Entry of Default, and
  • Certificate as to the State of the Record

As you can see, this is a real do-it-yourself divorce kit that provides all of the forms required to file, serve process upon the respondent and make the action final.

In the privacy of your home, you can now fully prepare your divorce papers for filing with the Court with the same (and sometimes more) expertise as a lawyer, but with substantially less expense than the costs of a lawyer.

And if you are concerned about doing it right, don't be, because this Text provides you with: (1) a brief review of the applicable laws on Child Custody, Child Support, Spousal Maintenance (Alimony), Community Property and Debts; (2) a description and applicable use of each Form; (3) the selection of the applicable Service of Process Forms, (4) how to set up the Court Hearing to make the Divorce final, and (5) a free help line to call if you have questions regarding the Forms.

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