Divorce, Legal Separation or Annulment
With Children Paralegal Service

By Do It Yourself Documents,
Independent Paralegal Services

This service is available for all counties in Colorado and may be completed via the INTERNET or at one of our offices.

Does not include court cost. Court costs are $290.00 in Colorado.

  • Colorado
  • By An Independent Paralegal
  • List Price: $274.95
  • Our Price: $194.95 - This service is exempt from sales tax.
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Petition for Dissolution, Legal Separation or Declaration of Invalidity


This service is available for all Colorado counties.

If you file in Lincoln County, everything is done through the mail and you will not need to appear in court nor take parenting classes as required by all other Colorado counties.

Do It Yourself Documents, has helped thousands of divorce, legal separation and annulment clients since its founding in 2001 with the majority of them filed in Lincoln County where our clients did not have to appear in court nor take the parenting classes as required by all other Colorado Counties.

Everything is done through the mail regardless of where you live with the only requirement being either you or your spouse is a Colorado resident. Military personal can use this option if you consider Colorado as your home base regardless where you or spouse may reside.

You may opt to file in the county you reside in or Lincoln County with this service, our price is the same; however, Lincoln County does charge an additional $30 filing fee for this option (in addition to the filing fee).

Colorado is a no-fault divorce state and is just as it sounds - neither party is at fault. Some states call a no-fault divorce a 'dissolution.' It simply states that there are irreconcilable differences' between the two and they wish to terminate the marriage.


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  • division of personal property and real estate
  • child custody, support and visitation
  • alimony/spousal maintenance
  • division of debts and other obligations
  • name change to former name for the wife
  • income taxes
  • and other important issues.
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