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Divorce & Money: How to Make the Best Financial Decisions During Divorce

divorce and money
  • Do It Yourself Divorce Kit
  • Forms
  • All States
  • By Attorneys Violet Woodhouse & Dale Fetherling
  • Nolo Press
  • Our Price: $31.99

When you're going through divorce, you have to make an overwhelming number of financial decisions. Should you sell the house? What happens to retirement benefits? How will you handle taxes? Full of sensitive and practical advice, Divorce & Money guides you...

Using Divorce Mediation, Divorce without Court

divorce mediation
  • Do It Yourself Divorce Kit
  • All States
  • By Katherine E. Stoner & Attorney Mediator
  • Nolo Press
  • Our Price: $26.99

Can you really have a civilized divorce? Ending a marriage is always difficult, but it need not be defined by financial or emotional conflict. Avoid huge legal bills and jockeying lawyers while protecting your kids -- turn to Divorce Without Court for help. Using Divorce Mediation, Divorce without Court guides you through...

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