Lincoln County vs. Wahkiakum County
Ending your Marriage without a Court Appearance
Divorce - Legal Separation - Annulment

Paralegal Divorce Services: With Dependent Children  or Without Dependent Children


Are you a resident of Washington State? Then you may file Your Washington State Divorce (Dissolution), Legal Separation or Annulment in Lincoln County Superior Court or Wahkiakum County Superior Court and avoid a court appearance and parenting classes as required by all other Washington State counties. Everything is completed through the mail!

Do It Yourself Documents is located in Federal Way, Sumner, Tacoma, and Vancouver, Washington and has helped thousands of divorce clients in Washington State since its founding in 2001. Most of those divorces were filed in Lincoln County where clients not only did not have to appear in Court, but did not have to take the Parenting Class for divorce with dependent children as required by all other Washington counties.

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Pros & Cons to filing in Wahkiakum County
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