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A-B Trust Kits

The Alpha A-B Living Trust Kit
  • Do It Yourself Kit
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  • All States
  • By Kermit Burton
  • Alpha Publications
  • List Price: $36.95
  • Our Price: $32.95

The complete do-it-yourself A-B trust kit for a husband and wife with a revocable A-B Trust Declaration that includes a Q-Tip provisional trust, plus...

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Estate Planning. To insure who inherits your estate after you pass away you need to have completed your estate planning. If you do not, then you have no say as to who inherits your assets after your death. Complete estate planning includes a power of attorney for finances, healthcare, a living will (healthcare directive) as well as a last will & testament. Many people that have real property choose a revocable trust to prevent probate of an estate. A trust also includes powers of attorney, living wills, burial instructions, HIPAA waiver and much more.

By having powers of attorney done you know that the people you want will be making financial and healthcare decisions for you when you are not able and by having a will or trust done your estate will be distributed to those that you want it to be distributed to.

Probate. After someone dies, their estate (assets) are distributed to their heirs, whether they have a will or not. This court process is called "probate."

Probate may not always be necessary, as it depends on the value of the assets and they type of assets. In some instances, probate may be preferable when there are debts to be paid or if you think, there might be a dispute over the division of the estate by any of the heirs. Removing the deceased person's name from a real property deed (home) most always requires probate unless the property has been transferred into a trust prior to death.

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