Washington State
Third-Party Custody (Nonparental Custody)
Paralegal Service

By Do It Yourself Documents,
Independent Paralegal Services

This service is available for all counties in Washington State and may be completed via the internet or at one of our offices.

Does not include court cost. Court costs are $260.00 in Washington State.

  • Washington State
  • By An Independent Paralegal
  • List Price: $349.00
  • Our Price: $294.95 - This service is exempt from sales tax.
  • This service is available for group rates , which entails an additional 15% discount.

Group Rates

All Online Services. When purchasing any two services or the same service for more than one person at the same time each service will be discounted automatically by 15%.

You can use up to one coupon code in addition to this automatic discount.

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Service Agreement

 Paralegal Service for Third-Party Custody for the state of Washington

This service is used by a person who's not the parent (non-parent) to request legal custody of a child (or children). The case will need to be filed in the county where the child lives or can be found. This type of service may only be used if the child (or children) are not in the physical custody of either parent or if it can stated that neither parent is a suitable custodian.

Complete our questionnaire and return it either by mail, email or drop it off at one of our many offices. Based on the questionnaire all required forms will be completed for you to take to the court for filing. The entire process can be done through the mail, via email or you can arrange to come to our office to sign the documents.

  • Summons for Nonparental Custody Proceeding
  • Nonparental Custody Petition
  • Case Cover Sheet (if applicable)
  • Confidential Information Form
  • Indian Child Welfare Act Notice (Federal and Washington State) (if applicable)
  • Return of Service
  • Residential Schedule
  • Order Directing DCFS/CPS to Release Information and Order Restricting Access
  • Nonparental Order of Child Support and Child Support Worksheets
  • Sealed Financial Source Documents Cover Sheet and Financial Declaration
  • Findings of Fact & Conclusions of Law
  • DCFS/CPS/WSP request for info forms and cover sheets
  • and much more...
  • Nonparental Decree
Additional Costs
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